Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays - Grace Jones - Little Drummer Boy

I really don't celebrate these holidays.  It's just not my thing, however,  I love the change in weather, albeit from the warmth inside.  That's about it.  I'm an island girl and my blood still hasn't thickened up living this far north.  Either way, hope you have a great holiday.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Travel Chic - Spooled Ear Bud Control Management

Spooled Ear Bud Control Management - $8.00
Personally, I really don't need to put anything else in my bag when I travel but when you consider how much money you spend on your earphones this is a worthy investment.  I am particularly tough on my headphone wires and the weakest point always seem to be the entry point to my mp3/phone... for me anyway.  Granted, these lil buggers are sold out for now so I can't really give you a review but it is on my wish list once its restocked.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Jetsetters' Holiday Fiesta Sponsoring The Passport Party Project - TONIGHT

The Jetsetters' Holiday Fiesta
Saturday, December 17th @ FREE CANDY 10 PM
905 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Imagine if you could board a plane that stopped at 6 destinations around the world that you could visit with one ticket. In first class they serve top shelf cocktails and samples of international cuisines and there's a DJ spinning the best of music from around the world in the rear of the plane. This Saturday is your chance to experience this virtual trip around the world at a first of its kind holiday party for a cause! The event will promote awareness of the Passport Party Project and raise money for programs that provide passports to young people of color.

Event includes:
Wine tasting
Beer Sampling
International food tasting
Glamour Passport Photos/Holiday Photo Booth
Raffle prizes; including a stay at Coconut Grove Hotel in Ghana!

Dress: Impressive

Sounds by DJ S of Bkrepertoire
Hosted by Evita Robinson, Founder Nomad•ness Travel Tribe
Brought to you by BrooklynTravelAddict.com_

Friday, December 16, 2011